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The Perils Behind the Curtain: The Pitfalls in Pursuing Self-Publishing Companies

In an era where aspiring writers are empowered like never before to share their stories with the world, the rise of self-publishing has been both a blessing and a curse. While it offers a gateway to independence and creative control, the landscape is fraught with pitfalls, particularly when navigating the labyrinth of self-publishing companies. Preeti Shenoy, a prominent voice in the literary world, recently delved into the murky waters of self-publishing in her article titled "Self Publish or Not is the Question." Her insights shed light on the often-overlooked realities that writers encounter, especially in regions like India. The Illusion of Support Self-publishing companies often allure writers with promises of comprehensive support: editing services, cover design, marketing strategies, and global distribution. They paint a picture of a seamless path to success, fueling dreams of literary acclaim and financial independence. However, the reality can be starkly different. M

Ashreeta Secures Writers' Kalam Golden Pen Literary Award

Ashreeta, an ITES professional with almost a decade of experience across various domains, recently clinched the prestigious Golden Pen Literary Award. This accolade, organized by Writers' Kalam Publishing, celebrates her tireless dedication to enriching literature and marks a significant milestone in her literary journey.

Passion for Literature Sparked Early

Ashreeta's fervor for writing ignited during her school days and has since been a driving force in her life. Despite a hiatus post-marriage, her passion persisted, fueled by her husband's unwavering support. Encouraged by social media's reach, she rekindled her connection with the writing community, contributing guest blogs on diverse topics like socio-economic issues, geopolitics, work-life balance, personality development, and lifestyle on various platforms.

A Resurgent Writing Odyssey

With renewed vigor, Ashreeta ventured into collaborations with esteemed publication houses, contributing as a co-author to several anthologies. Reveling in this renaissance of her writing career, she actively seeks diverse opportunities and is committed to penning her solo book. Her dedication recently garnered her The Holistic Pine Sahitya Puraskar and a feature among Interview Times' top 10 authors, elevating her prominence within the literary sphere.

Embracing Opportunities and Growth

Thrilled by this recognition, Ashreeta expresses gratitude and eagerly anticipates future collaborations with The Holistic Pine. Her unwavering commitment to expanding her literary horizons is evident through her active participation in online workshops, interviews, and various writing engagements.

This triumph underscores Ashreeta's unwavering dedication to literature and sets the stage for further accomplishments in her promising writing career.


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