Vandana Nalini Singh becomes part of Na-Po-Re-Mo Season 2 !

On the fourth session of Na-Po-Re-Mo Season 2, Vandana Nalini Singh presented her poem titled "I am a Woman, a Phenomenal Woman." In her introduction, she mentioned that poetry is the best way to empathize with the cause that we have raised with this season of Na-Po-Re-Mo, Campaign to Help Youth from Smoking and Drug Abuse. 

Ankush Bharti, Editor-in-Chief of The Holistic Pine, international journal graced the occasion by being the host of the session. 

Vandana Nalini Singh, hailing from Noida in Uttar Pradesh, embodies a multifaceted persona. An accomplished academic, esteemed writer, captivating motivational speaker, dedicated researcher, enterprising entrepreneur, proactive social activist, revered beauty figure, and erudite History professor, she showcases a diverse tapestry of skills and accomplishments.

Her academic journey is illustrious, reigning as the University Topper in Medieval and Modern History at Lucknow University, coupled with esteemed recognition such as the National Award from the Ministry of Human Affairs Directorate of Higher Education for her exceptional academic prowess. Her accolades span both national and international arenas, encompassing prestigious honors like the 'Isabella Thoburn Award' for outstanding academic performance and social contributions, 'The Real Super Woman' Award 2021 in the Multi-Talented category, AIWA’s recognition as one of Asia’s Top Hundred Influential Women for her roles as an educationist, author, and motivational speaker, the 'Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam National Excellence Award' for her excellence in education, literary acknowledgments including the 'Tagore Sahitya Samman,' 'Charles Dickens' and 'William Shakespeare Golden Book and Laureate' awards for her literary prowess, 'Sarojini Naidu Iconic Women Achievers' award celebrating her contributions to women's empowerment, 'Glorious Indians’ Pride of India’ award for her invaluable contributions to national upliftment through education, 'Sheroes Naari Samman' recognizing her as an inspiration for women on International Women’s Day, and the Vishwa Bharat Hunar Samman as the Versatile Woman of the Year among many others.
Her commitment to inspiring and uplifting women is evident through her involvement with the “Inspiring Women Community” and the ‘Indian Women’s History Museum Foundation.’ She actively engages in workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums, and webinars, contributing as a researcher presenting various research papers and co-authoring multiple books on diverse subjects such as ‘Rising India…..An Echo,’ ‘Samvad…Deliberations on Gender Equality,’ ‘Fundamentals of Public Speaking,’ ‘Artificial Intelligence: An Inducement of Technology in Human Affairs,’ ‘Literature and History; Exchanges and Interactions,’ and the ‘Anthology on Delhi’ among others.

Her advocacy for organic food consciousness led her to venture into the health and wellness industry as an entrepreneur. Beyond academia and entrepreneurship, she has left an indelible mark in the beauty domain, securing notable positions like being a finalist of Mrs. Capital of India 2021, winner of Mrs. India Majestic, and securing runner-up titles in various Miss/Mrs. India and Glam International pageants.

Vandana Nalini Singh has graced radio talk shows on FM 90.4 discussing women's empowerment and has been a featured personality in ‘Interview Times’ for her versatility as an author. Her impact extends to print media where she's been highlighted on the cover stories of Diva Planet Magazine, Charismatic Women Magazine, and various lifestyle magazines including Passion Review and Grehlaxmi. Her contributions have earned her distinctions such as the ‘City Excellence Award 2023’ and the Chalk and Duster Women of Excellence Award 2023.

Her commitment to societal causes is evident through her recognition with the ‘Mother Teresa Memorial Award’ by Sahara Charitable Trust in 2023, celebrating her contributions to uplifting the needy and supporting the cause of the girl child. Vandana Nalini Singh has been celebrated as a dynamic woman, prominently featured on News World India 24, transcending boundaries and inspiring women to dream big and stand tall. Her life ethos revolves around continual self-recreation, envisioning a better, brighter, and more meaningful tomorrow.