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The Perils Behind the Curtain: The Pitfalls in Pursuing Self-Publishing Companies

In an era where aspiring writers are empowered like never before to share their stories with the world, the rise of self-publishing has been both a blessing and a curse. While it offers a gateway to independence and creative control, the landscape is fraught with pitfalls, particularly when navigating the labyrinth of self-publishing companies. Preeti Shenoy, a prominent voice in the literary world, recently delved into the murky waters of self-publishing in her article titled "Self Publish or Not is the Question." Her insights shed light on the often-overlooked realities that writers encounter, especially in regions like India. The Illusion of Support Self-publishing companies often allure writers with promises of comprehensive support: editing services, cover design, marketing strategies, and global distribution. They paint a picture of a seamless path to success, fueling dreams of literary acclaim and financial independence. However, the reality can be starkly different. M

My Poetic Hiatus: A Poem by Santosh Meher

My Poetic Hiatus

I am sure that these days
I'm facing a writer's block,
It seems I've completely
lost all my poetic stock!!

My poetic hiatus has now
become very long drawn,
God only knows where
All my thoughts have gone

Words somehow refuse
to orchestrate in my brain;
And any forced attempt
also seems to be in vain

Is it that all my poetic
inclination has saturated?
Or that my creativity has
magically evaporated?

If I sit to write something
I end up totally blank;
It feels as if I'm dealing
with an insolvent bank

All my mental prodding too
seems to be of no use;
It is as if my creative brain
is now in a state of disuse

Life without any poetry
is undoubtedly no good;
It is as worst as eating
insipid, boiled, bland food

I now begin to feel that I've
depleted all my creativity;
It appears that now I have
lost all my poetic ability

Then suddenly I realise
I haven't lost my drive;
What I've penned is poetic
-Wow, my art is still alive!

©️Santosh Meher

About the Author 

Santosh Meher

Santosh Meher is a poet and author who writes in English, Hindi and Telugu. His poems have been published in four anthologies till now, and he plans to publish his exclusive book soon. He writes on varied topics, spanning all hues of the canvas of life.


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